Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deadlands Meltdown

Last week, one of the players at my weekly roleplaying group threw a tantrum. We're playing Deadlands at the moment and the group's in Dodge City. Among the group are a nun and a gunman/huckster. There are hints that the local brothel is run and staffed by some sort of vampires. Unfortunately, it's nun who discovered it and all she can tell the other characters is: the men look really very dazed and strangely happy when they leave. Of course, we all go: Yeah, sister, sure. That's how it's supposed to go.
So on the next day, the nun goes off alone to fight the vampires. She's followed by the gunman, who does suspect something is wrong, and they fail spectacularly, escaping barely with their lives. The gunman is seen shooting at the hookers, so he's overpowered and almost lynched by the good people of Dodge City.

The player of the gunman had awful luck with his dice, not one roll worked out, all his spells failed. I can absolutely understand being frustrated about that. But he was seriously pissed because the rest of the group hadn't joined the vampire killing expedition. He packed his stuff and announced that he wouldn't be playing Deadlands any more before leaving.

We all made it clear that our characters were not interested in investigating this further because we all pretty much thought that the nun just had a bee in her bonnet about the hookers. The way I see it, if a players decides to go on a solo mission, then he can't expect the rest of the group to follow if there is no motivation and he certainly doesn't get to call the characters/players cowards.
This player has a habit of going off on these rampages when he gets impatient with the group and I have to say that I have been waiting for something like this to happen – he usually plays powerful characters, but if you're all alone and the dice are not your friends, then nothing can help you. Deal with it. You chose this path of action, now accept the consequences. And for goth's sakes, keep play and real life separated.

Which the player of the nun did, by the way. He wasn't overly happy about his character getting almost killed, but he knew what he was getting himself into. And he managed to get some great roleplaying moments from it.

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