Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sea Devils

Once again, the Doctor encounters the Silurians. I liked the first episode, but the Silurians got on my nerve, especially that noise they made – the whole serial was just way too loud. The aquatic version looks a bit like a cross between a dog, a pig and a bat and they are not very comfortable in the water (well, I wouldn't be either in that kind of costume). They don't intend to share the planet with humanity, with the Master reinforcing that decision and frankly, humanity isn't that keen on sharing either.

The production team got a lot of help from the Royal Navy in this serial and it shows. I also loved the sequences with the submarine model, those are very well done and still look great. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thinks so. I seriously doubt that British submarines were that roomy inside, though.

Roger Delgado is easily my favourite Master (I haven't seen Eric Roberts yet, but I don't think that it will change anything). He's very charming and even without his hypnotic skills, he's perfectly capable of fooling people and using them for his purpose. Delgado's Master is so very sure of himself, even when things go wrong for him. He believes that he will win in the end because how couldn't he – he's the Master after all and he's destined to rule the universe.

It's hard to make a character likeable who is as selfish as the Master, who will run in the face of danger unless he has something to gain (in which case he is just as brilliant and brave as the Doctor). Delgado manages just that and I thoroughly enjoyed the 8th season, with the Master pulling the strings in every episode.
Finally, I could go all fangirl over him in that black suit he always wears, but it's probably better to just enjoy that quietly.

I love that look of frustration/exasperation when he's once again confronted with another dim human.

And just as an aside: the latest DW episode contained the most useless CPR I have ever seen. I like Amy, but if I travelled with her, I would hope like hell that there was someone else to bring me back from the dead. Less crying and kissing and more chest compression, damn it.

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