Tuesday, June 28, 2011

7th Sea: Shotgun Wedding

We started a new adventure in our long-running 7th Sea episode. Our characters have been travelling together for a long time now (9 years in gametime and maybe three or four in real time) and much of the evening was freeform roleplaying, just a bit of fluff to get in the mood. We arrived at the point the GM had meant as the starting point only shortly before we wrapped the session up, but it was a ton of fun nonetheless.

Dramatis personae:
Alain Louis de Chevalier, a Montaigne of dubious virtue (feel free to have doubts about his noble ancestry as well)
Edelbert Ambrosius von Immenhofen, a Eisen nobleman, owning the estate where the story begins
Richard Logan, Avalon adventurer and member of the Explorer's Society (he is the GM's character and currently an NPC, but I suspect that we may meet him)
Lucia Constanza Ynez Roja da Silva de Montenegro, Castille noblewoman wanted dead or alive in Castille because she is thought to be a witch (we managed to free her family from prison with a spot of blackmail during our last adventure at least)
Don Ramon Luiz Vasquez de Montego, a Castille nobleman currently wanted in his native land (the blackmail may have something to do with that)
Marcello Lorenzo de Espartero, a Castille scholar who was forced into exile when his passion for the Crescent Empire collided with the views of the Inquisition. Actually, he came very close to being executed and was freed by Los Vagos, a secret society he is a member of.
He's my character and I will try to chronicle our adventure in letters Marcello writes to his wife Isabel, whom he hasn't seen for years and who officially has renounced him (to save at least a small part of the family estate).

Isabel, mi corazon,

I'm bound to leave for Avalon in the morning and it will be a while before you will hear from me again. We have had news about a Syrneth machine, a scholar from Avalon showed us a sphere that is moving on its own in one particular direction and he assumes that it's part of a larger construct. We will follow the directions given by the sphere to see what we can find.

It seems that the inquisition is mounting an expedition as well and there has been talk of a weapon to be used in the war against Montaigne. While I would gladly see Montaigne beaten, the thought of a Syrneth weapon in the hands of the Inquisition makes me shudder. I'm told that my name has been mentioned in connection with this, another frightening thought. It might be safer to remain here at Immenhofen, but frankly, I'm too curious. Keeping out of sight will not allow me to come home one day, so I might as well continue to fight the Inquisition when I can. I promise I will not be reckless.
I also suspect that Richard Logan may be involved in this. The scholar told us that he hasn't been seen for two months and that he has left no message where he can be found. I have to admit I'm worried.

On a lighter note: as you know, both Don Ramon and de Chevalier have been courting Edelbert's sisters. Well, it seems that de Chevalier has done more than courting. Edelbert did not react well when he found out and we were afraid that he would kill de Chevalier, who was only saved by his quick reflexes. Fortunately, Edelbert's mother is more level-headed than her son and so instead of a funeral, a wedding was arranged. De Chevalier is a scoundrel, but I don't doubt that he does love Hermione.

I've grown rather attached to Don Ramon and Lucia. They remind me of our children. Travelling with them has made my exile more bearable, but it also makes me more
aware again of what I have lost. I do hope that one day, I can introduce you to them.

I will try to write before we set out from Avalon. I miss you, my love.

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