Sunday, June 5, 2011

Artworks I'd Steal: Lovesick

grosz lovesick

Lovesick is less brutal and aggressive than many other works by Grosz, but only at first glance. There's a strong undercurrent of violence here and I get the impression of a man who is nursing his heartache until he will get up, find his (former? imagined?) lover and kill her. Maybe himself as well, but I think that the first bullet will kill all his passion and love/hate as well.

The man scares me badly and I wouldn't want to be the subject of his affection. Not just because I think he will eventually kill her but because I also think that he's someone who is more in love with himself than with anyone else. He really is lovesick, but he also likes the pose of the disappointed, deeply hurt man.

It's said to be a self-portrait. Whether that's true or not, Grosz certainly had a good sense for things that people would prefer to stay hidden and he used his art as a weapon, against war, against Hitler and against society as it presented itself after WWI, while Germany was steadily marching towards the catastrophe.

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