Monday, June 27, 2011

Harold and Maude (spoilers)

Harold is 20ish and spends his time going to funerals and committing suicide. Maude is 79 and likes to drive fast cars, models in the nude and generally enjoys life. They meet (at a funeral of course) and quickly become friensd and fall in love.

I've always loved both the movie and the book, but I like the book better because the movie is missing a few scenes (or rather, the book has more). Harold's suicides are hilarious and there are some caustic comments on society, for example when Harold's uncle remarks "it doesn't bear thinking about what would happen if the military attracted killers" (not an exact quote) after Harold displays rather too much enthusiasm for becoming a soldier.

Maude is a great character. She often reminicences about her life in Europe, her many travels and although she never talks about it, the reader at least suspects that something bad happened in her past, even before Harold sees the concentration camp tattoo on her arm. Mause has decided not to let possesions weigh her down and she's determined to experience something new every day. Her attitude is carefree, maybe too carefree for everyday life, but I think that we could benetif from taking a leaf out of her book.

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