Friday, July 22, 2011

7th Sea: Code and Cardinal

The second part of our 7th Sea adventure. See this post for all the characters.

Dear Isabel,

we have left Avalon for Marcina on the Golden Hind and we have made good time. The Inquisition ship had arrived only four days before us.
I spent much of the journey deciphering a book written in code that was left by Louis Forcet, who led a first expedition in search of the Syrneth artefact 19 years ago. Don't worry, I did remember to eat and sleep (or I was kindly reminded by Don Ramon).
Forcet describes a portal in his records and he speaks of a powerful weapon behind the portal, powerful enough to destroy whole countries, if not more. "Destroyer of Worlds" is how he puts it. He even theorises that the downfall of the Syrneths has been caused by this weapon. Forcet managed to close the portal and seal it. It can only be opened with his blood.

The book mentions the name DuLac a few times, I have the nagging suspicion that this is Jean DuLac, with whom we have clashed a few times before. Louis Forcet was married to DuLac's sister in any case. They had a daughter, Claire Forcet and she worked at the Explorer's Society's branch in Charouse. We have heard of a break-in there, a sphere similar to ours was stolen. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Claire Forcet was abducted as well. Especially since there seems to be a woman (and only one) on board the Inquisition ship.

On arrival in Marcina, we did not only see the ship of the Inquisition, but the majority of the Castillian fleet and the ships are in bad shape after an encounter with the Montaigne. Things are not going well for Castille at the moment.

The Governess gave a reception for Cardinal Camillo, who leads the expedition mounted by the Inquisiton, and for the noblemen of our own crew and we had a very uncomfortable meeting with the Cardinal. For a few moments I was sure he had recognised Lucia. I was careful not to draw attention to myself and I think I managed to go unnoticed, but it does not do to underestimate the Cardinal.

We will stay for a few more days in Marcina, to prepare for the second leg of our journey and to replace the mast that had been damaged before. I hope I can find someone I can entrust this letter to before we depart.

I miss you, my love

The encounter with the Cardinal was nerve-wracking at times. There were a lot of rolls for deception and sincerity and I'm not sure at all that we managed to convince the Cardinal, but at least we didn't get ourselves arrested. The music for this adventure was the soundtrack for Hook and Master and Commander for the sea voyage, Monkey Island for the scenes at the docks when Marcello, Don Ramon and Lucia got drunk on fruit cocktails in a bar with a good view of the Inquisition ship, and Händel's Feuerwerkmusik for the reception.

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