Saturday, July 9, 2011

Music for RPGs

We usually play music during our gaming sessions and I always enjoy it, it can add considerably to the mood. Here's a list of what we found useful for specific games:

7th Sea
Pirates of the Carribean
Master and Commander
Monkey Island
Legend of Zorro

Tron: Legacy
Blade Runner
Ghost in the Shell

just about anything Ennio Morricone ever wrote
The Unforgiven (and other Clint Eastwood western)
Battlestar Galactica (new series), in parts

John Carpenter's synthesizer soundtracks, like The Fog
From Hell
Shutter Island
Dark City

great RPG soundtracks, for any system
Sleepy Hollow
Lord of the Rings
Angels and Demons
DaVinci Code
Doctor Who New Series
Battlestar Galactica New Series
Henry V (Patrick Doyle)
Silent Hill (game soundtrack)
Dark Knight
Golden Compass
Dead Can Dance

Erdenstern produce music specifically for roleplaying games and I can only recommend them. Movie soundtracks are great, I usually get them at the library.
Some of my GMs choose specific tracks from different soundtracks, re-name them to make it easier to find the appropriate one and then play them accordingly. For example 7th Sea: we played the Hook soundtrack for our voyage by sailship, Monkey Island for drinking at a bar in a Caribbean port and classical music for the governor's reception and ball.

Update: Here's a new post on RPG music

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