Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Urban Harvesting

I've been thinking about gardening a lot. I grew up with a big garden and I miss it very much. This year, I planted potatoes, Swiss chard and string beans on my balcony and I'm probably going to try and grow cabbage in the bean flowerpot once the beans are harvested. I also plan a raised flower bed for next year.

While I was looking at urban gardening websites for tips on what to grow in small pots and how to grow it, I came across Mundraub - a website where people share the location of fruit trees that are on public land, in parks ect. and can be freely harvested by anyone.  I love that idea. I've been picking blackberries, raspberries and elder berries that grow on public land for years, it's amazing what you can find.

Neiborhood Fruit does the same for the US. I couldn't find a similar site for the UK, but there are many local Abundance Groups. That's a slightly different concept. People ask the Abundance groups to come and pick their fruit tree, orchard ect. to prevent the fruit from going to waste. It's then distributed to organisations like homeless shelters. And here are some links for Australia.

Make sure you are not trespassing. Ask people for permission, many really are glad to have all those apples/plums/cherries taken off their hands (and are happy to receive some jam or whatever you do with the fruit in return). Take only what you need. Pick only fruits that you know. Share and have fun!

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