Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speak Out With Your Geek Out: Heavy Machinery

This is an obsession my mom started: submarines. My mom loves Das Boot and we watched it just about every time it was on TV. I don't know when I first saw it, but I was quite young. I have seen it many times since, so often that you could wake me up at night and ask me to quote the lines from any given scene.
U995, Laboe

I love submarines. If you want to make me happy, you take me to see a sub - which is exactly what Mr Bookscorpion did on our first date, on a Tango class here in Hamburg. I've seen the majority of all museum subs in Western Europe. The USS Pampanito was pretty much the first thing I visited in San Francisco.

I also love tanks and battleships. Mr Bookscorpion and me visited the Panzermuseum a while ago and while I wasn't the only woman there, I certainly was the only interested woman. I'm not that much into technical specs, but I know enough to fudge my way through a conversation and often get a look of total disbelief. Because it's still weird to many people that a woman would know stuff about tanks - and I'm a history geek as well.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about them I love so much. But I have a weak spot for big machinery in general, whether it's a submarine, a tunnel boring machine or a particle accelerator. They just have this elegance and beauty (even when they are machines of war, which I'm well aware of, in case you are wondering).

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