Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Speak Out With Your Geek Out: RPGs

I've been a woman, but mostly I have been a man.
I fell in love with men and women and I married (a woman).
I stood my ground against powerful enemies, but I also turned and ran to fight another day.
I was hurt many times. I went insane and I died (quite a few times). I came back from the dead. Twice.

I know how to fire a cannon, a crossbow and a blunderbuss, I can use a sniper rifle, but at other times I can't hit a barn door at five feet. I know Kung-Fu and I can use a lariat and a whip.
I've been a hero, a scoundrel and sometimes a coward, but usually I'm a survivor. I tend to be very loyal to my friends and God help you if you mess with them.

I've flown an airship and several spaceships, I've driven a steam powered carriage with eight legs, a 1935 Buick and I know my way around a sailing vessel.
I can ride a horse (but I prefer a mule), I know how to ride an elephant and I know how to get a herd of cattle where I want them. I can speak to rats.

I've been shipwrecked on a lonely island, I have travelled by dog-sled through the Arctic, I have crossed deserts and I got stranded on a planet light years from home. I have been hunted by the Inquisition. I've disarmed a bomb, with the countdown at 0:01.
I've fought vampires, werewolves, demons, aliens, things straight out of nightmares - but the scariest enemies often were the normal humans.

I have been a vampire, a ghoul, a mage, a cowboy, a scientist, a doctor, a pilot, a soldier, a merchant, a hunter, a smuggler, a professional poker player, a reporter, a diplomat and once I was a ghost.

I play pen and paper role-playing games.


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