Monday, October 31, 2011

Player Blackmail

So we have started another adventure in our Shadowrun campaign. The GM asked us all to send him the details of our characters and we all did (or let him make characters for us). Which led me to believe that we could start playing without problems.

Muahaha. Naive little me. We could not, because one player decided that he didn't feel like playing the character he had chosen after all and he wanted another character and it should be an adept (someone who used magic). The GM balked at this because we already had one magic using character and he didn't want any more, which he had already said beforehand.

After a bit back and forth the player packed up his things and threatened to leave because he felt that it was unfair that he wasn't allowed to play his character. Another player offered to switch to a non-magic using character and so an agreement was reached, but to be honest, I would have let the player walk out. There is a reason why we all had to choose our character beforehand and I don't see why blackmailing the GM, not to put too fine a point on it, should be rewarded.

Or is that just me overreacting?

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