Saturday, November 12, 2011

Asking for it.

I wrote about the player who blackmailed the GM into accepting his character a while ago. At our latest session, things escalated a wee bit more.
Blackmail player, let's call him Tom, has a reputation in our group for recklessness and for wanting everything to go his way. He's also bad at accepting the consequences of his actions. Oh, and he manages to fall asleep every single time we play.

So we completed our run with a drug dealer tied to the flatbed of one player's pickup - we'll call this player Andrew. We were told to discourage the dealer from continuing to sell his drugs, by any means necessary. So Tom does a great job of intimidating the dealer, but we all see a messy end coming. Andrew warns Tom three times that we a. shouldn't do this in front of our employer's club and b. that he doesn't want anyone getting killed in his truck.

Despite that, Tom's character shoot the dealer right there. So Andrew's character (whom we all know has a violent streak) pulls a gun and starts shooting at Tom's character, killing him. Aaand this was the moment when Tom again picked up his things and left, totally outraged that Andrew had dared to attack his character.

Maybe shooting Tom's character was a bit extreme, but really - what did he assume would happen? Nothing? A slap on the wrist? He went out of his way to ignore what he had been told and he ignored the rest of the group - did so for pretty much the whole evening. It was like having a team of runners plus this guy who sometimes turns up and not in a good-natured "Dude, don't forget about Mark"-way. So on second thought, I can totally get behind shooting the character.

There are a few things that get on my nerve when roleplaying. But nothing is so annoying as people who want everything to go their own way, who confuse roleplaying with the latest computer game and who put their own fun before that of the whole group.
I actually do like Tom, he's a nice guy and he can be a brilliant GM and player if he wants to. But I can't say I'm unhappy that we will be playing Shadowrun without him.

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