Wednesday, November 9, 2011

some other blogs

Here are some blogs I found that I've been meaning to link to for ages.

Shorpy gives us a vintage photo every day, usually from 1900-1920. It's a great resource and fascinating.

Mirrorshards is really short fiction, a couple of stories every week. Dark, funny and surprising.

Sheila O'Malley writes about books and movies and lately about Elvis Presley. She knows how to aim straight for the heart with her posts. When she writes about an actor, you will want to see a movie with him or her right now. When she writes about Elvis, you may fall in love (so you've been warned).

The Journal I Wish I Kept - just what it says on the cover. Eva has had an eventful life to say the least and her posts are hilarious and sad and touching. I started with Liberace's Love Child and that last photo never fails to make me giggle.

Cold Antler Farm - the story of a young woman who buys a farm and chronicles her adventures with sheep, chickens, horses and farm life in general. I find this deeply satisfying to read because it's so clear that Jenna loves her life. I guess I'm living vicariously here - I'd love living on a farm, but I don't think I'd enjoy all that hard, hard work enough. Or maybe I would. I'm too chicken to just go and buy one to find out, as Jenna did.

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