Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Artworks I'd Steal: Green Devil

My grandmother had a huge bible I was fascinated with and I remember this image in particular. I named it The Devil with the Green Butt and it took me quite a lot of digging to find it again. Let me tell you, those search words turn up some weird result on Google.

It's a painting by the 15th century Austrian artist Michael Pacher and it's usually called "St. Augustine and the Devil" - although some sources say it's St. Wolfgang. The book is the book of vices. It belongs to an altarpiece showing four Church Fathers and it's on the back of the panel showing St. Augustine, so it would have been visible when the altar was closed.

I quite like the unusual, grotesque devil and I've never seen anything quite like it, not even in Bosch's or Brueghel's paintings.  Is it me or does he have flames coming out of his ears?

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