Saturday, December 31, 2011

Harvest 2011


About 30 kilos of apples were turned into one cake, 15 litres of apple juice and a lot of raw apple snacks.
Three kilos of Mirabelle plum became one cake, the rest was destroyed during a Cthulhu session.
About a kilo of European Cornell was turned into juice. Next year, I'll go for jelly.
My balcony gave me Swiss chard and potatoes. A wasteland around the corner delivered a huge amount of blackberries. Blackberry crumble - you need to try this.


And to end the year, I picked tea apples today and made jelly and apple sauce. Red apple sauce, how cool is that.

Not bad for someone living in a big city without a garden, I think. As much as I hate the term, but urban harvesting is definitely worth the time and it's amazing what you find if you just look.

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