Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shadowrun: Rat's Nest

I recently joined a second Shadowrun group. We play in Seattle (surprise) in the Redmond Barrens and the GM created a squatter's town in the Rat's Nest, the big waste dump in the barrens. We'll call the town the Rat's Nest as well for simplicities sake. It's much more of a community that the original Rat's Nest described in theSeattle 2072 sourcebook.

The people live in cargo containers and the whole thing resembles nothing so much as a mining town in the Wild West. There's an Irish pub, people breed rats and roaches for food and make a living by scavenging for usable stuff among the waste. The place is surprisingly hot in the Matrix, due to a couple of hackers, and there's a ton of AR around, a good way to brighten up this shabby place.

Player characters are:
Blaster, a member of the Hellhounds who was picked up by the very attractive and very talented mechanic Kerry after he crashed his machine on an oil spill (put there by some kiddie gangers, who may live to regret this).

Splash, a hacker who arrived here on the run from the corp she used to work for. She's found work as a hacker, but would prefer to use her talents as a rigger.

Rivet, a Scottish/Irish (things are a bit unclear there) ork, member of the Scrappers, the gang of the Rat's Nest. He's a blacksmith and manufactures much of the Scrappers' armour.

Painless/Neil, a shadow doc who has lived at the Rat's Nest for about eight years now. He's a very capable surgeon, but cut short his career with making some bad decisions while being high as a kite. The Rat's Nest now feels pretty much like home to him and he's managed to scrounge, liberate and buy enough for a surprisingly well-equipped clinic. With the help of a medic and a nurse (Liz), he does his best to keep the population of the Rat's Nest healthy. Well, alive. He also has taken in a young man called Whistler who showed a promising talent and interest in working at the clinic.

Neil's Diary - hack at own risk

November 28th 2071
It's raining, but at least the power's up and it's reasonably warm inside. I heard that our newest arrival was willing to sell the ambulance she came in. It cost me less than I planned and Monkeywrench gave me a good deal on turning my van into a much less conspicuous ambulance. The supplies will come in handy as well, of course. Especially since Liz hasn't been able to get any drugs I would be willing to use, presenting me with a bag full of who knows what kind of pills.

And speaking of Liz, I'm not sure how much longer that will last. She's good, there's no question about that, but what use is the best nurse if she's too drunk and high to stand up when I need her?

Anyway. Apart from Splash (Ambulance Girl), there has been one other new arrival - not here to stay, though. Blaster, a ganger, who seems to be Kerry's latest boyfriend...after making the facts of life forcibly clear to another member of his gang (my first patient that night). Kerry did the same for Liz, who's sometimes a bit too frank for her own good and who obviously didn't listen to me when I told her not to use her shock hand when it's wet. Two more patients, but they were only knocked out.

The bar fight later on was much more productive. Blaster handled himself well against one of our local trolls, so that should bring him at least some respect if he decides to stick around. No-one was seriously hurt, although it would have been nice if Liz had been in a condition to do more than giggle drunkenly at the patients (I threw her out).

Ah crap, the power's out. I guess I'm going to bed and I'm hoping for a quiet night, if warm is too much to ask. But what else is new.


The first session introduced the characters to each other and we had the chance to meet other locals, like Growler, the owner of the Irish pub and leader of the local gang. I imagine him like Brendan Gleeson in Gangs of New York - not someone to mess with. The barfight was a good way to get to know the rules, at least for Blaster's player, who was the only one of the group who did not hide under a table.

It was basically roleplaying with little dice action, just to get a feel for the place and it was a lot of fun. Things are about to get serious next time, though.

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