Friday, January 6, 2012

Book of Choice: A Long Way Down

When Martin decides to commit suicide on New Year's Eve, the last thing he expected was that he would have to stand in line to do it.

Four very different people choose the same spot and the same night to commit suicide. They don't go through with it, but instead get talking, spend the night together. Although they don't have much in common or even like each other very much, they keep meeting and try to piece their lives back together, with disastrous and often hilarious (for the reader at least) results.

It's quite an accomplishment to write a book about suicide that's funny, but doesn't make fun of the characters. Nick Hornby has managed to pull it off, with characters you feel you've known after a few pages. None of them are all that likeable, but they grow on you, just as they grow on each other. Sometimes you want to smack them around the head for being so stupid, sometimes you want to hug them and sometimes you want to yell at them to grow up. Things don't really turn out alright in the end, but good enough-ish. Anything else would have spoiled the whole novel.

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