Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cthulhu: Bad Dreams

Here's Part One, which has the characters preparing to enter the Dreamlands in order to save Arkham.

They meet up at Seamus' place and are told that they need to neutralise the poison in the Dreamlands, where it is produced and then brought here into the waking world. In order to do that, they need to find a black flower, a single one is enough, that grows on living stones.

Seamus supplies them with a fob watch each that will works as a compass in the Dreamlands, leading them to the nearest portal, and with a coin bearing the Elder Sign that can be used as a weapon. He warns them that if they die in the Dreamlands, they will die for real and that they only have twelve hours. If they are not back by then, their bodies will die and their souls be lost. They agree to meet again in the evening and use the time to bring their affairs in order. Shane writes a few letters and decides to take his sword with him. Ian brings a bull whip and an old Colt 45, along with an authentic cowboy outfit that clearly is of value to him. Liam goes to see Danny Baker and asks him to postpone the raid on the waterworks until the morning.

*Enter the Dreamlands*

Back at Seamus', he gives them an opium pipe to smoke and a mixture of alcohol with some drug. They fall asleep and wake up in the Dreamlands under a violet sky. There's nothing but black basalt rock and they are on a plateau among sharp cliffs, with a path leading higher up. Ian is in a state of shock and Shane tries to talk him down, while Liam goes exploring. He soon wishes he hadn't when he comes upon a bush that grows flowers in the shape of infant's heads that move and cry until they are ripped off and carried away by giant flies.

Meanwhile, Ian has come to the conclusion that everything he sees is real, which helps him cope and they decide to follow the path. After a few steps, Shane feels someone tap him on the shoulder, turns around and comes face to face with himself. His doppelgänger cuts his own throat with the sword, only to regrow his head, but this time with the face of Shane's housekeeper, who again cuts her throat. This repeats itself with changing faces, with Shane watching in horror until he's pulled away by Liam. Their way is blocked by a dwarf playing with a puppet on a string, a little child holding a scalpel. When the dwarf doesn't move, Ian uses his bull whip to knock the puppet out of his hand. The dwarf turns into something that looks like a skinned frog with Doberman teeth and attacks. They fight and finally, Shane can behead the monster.

Further up the path the group reaches a group of statues, uniformed men with their right arm outstretched and a strange sign engraved into the base of each statue. They have to walk right through the statues and do it with reluctance, but nothing happens. Now they look down into a valley, with a fork in the path: one way lead to a temple, vaguely Asian looking, and the other way leads further upwards. From there approaches a group of humans, chained together and guarded by frog-like creatures. When one of the humans stumbles and cannot get up, he's skinned by one of the frogs and left there. The humans and their guards disappear in the temple and the group decides to follow them.

Part 2

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