Friday, January 27, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Retreat

Setting and characters are here
Last time, the characters found themselves trapped by the Picas in an urban wasteland.

We retreat into one of the houses for cover and to give us some time to deal with Slicer's injuries. It becomes fairly obvious that the ganger girl we have captured was no run of the mill street brat, she has clearly had some education and her possessions were just a bit too high class, starting with her commlink and ending with her trode net. Her manners are pure street, however. Oh, and she has a terrier-ish mongrel that follows her around, but he keeps his distance after I aimed a kick at him.

*click for burning ork*

We still cannot raise any of the other groups, but things are getting in motion there. Twitch and Splash leave their rooftop and manage to escape the Picas before they can ambush them. Rivet's and Liz's group are still holed up in an apartment, with Liz trying to get Gilette stable enough to move him.

Rivet decides to check on the Picas and meets a couple of them downstairs. Here's a tip: if you spray an ork with gasoline and set him on fire, you better be damn sure that you run faster than a burning ork. The sight of Rivet, stampeding down the street on fire with one of the Picas held by the scruff of the neck is certainly impressive enough to clear the coast for a few minutes. Particularly since he survives surprisingly unscathed.

The group uses their chance to get on their bikes and drive towards the Rat's Nest, but not without another shoot out. With Picas on both sides of the narrow street, Rivet takes a few of them out by spinning his bike and a few more are taken out by friendly fire. They make it through and head for the Rat's Nest. Gargle had been hit and passes out on the way, so Rivet drives back and simply scoops him up, without even slowing down.

Twitch and Splash have arrived at our hiding place in the meantime and we decide to make a break for it as well. With Slicer taped securely to the bike (not my favourite method of transporting patients, let me tell you), we drive out into the alley. The Picas have taken a few squatters as hostages and are forcing them to walk towards us, hiding behind the adults. That keeps us from firing at them, but it's an obstacle for them as well and we manage to get to the main street, if you can call it that. We're ambushed by the same Picas as Rivet's group, unfortunately for them Kerry is still in possession of her automatic weapon and makes quick work of them.

Back at the Rat's Nest, the alarm goes up – there's a good chance the Picas will come for us. With the clinic's equipment, it takes a few hours, but Slicer and Gargle will be able to walk out of here tomorrow. Maggie, the ganger girl, is unconscious after coming down from whatever high she was on. I make sure the baby is healthy. Well, as healthy as any baby can be under these circumstances. We'll deal with her tomorrow, her commlink and her stuff goes to Splash. The terrier actually kept up with us, he's now outside, snarfing down Jasper's food. Jasper seems more puzzled than anything else by the yipping ball of fur, so I'm fairly confident that he won't eat him while I sleep.

December 1st 2071
Weeelll, more than two hours sleep would have been nice. But we don't do nice here and Splash came by with Maggie's cracked commlink. The data on it is something the Picas will want back for sure, their complete finances and business transactions. They make a surprising amount of money, dealing with drugs, weapons and apparently bioware as well.
That doesn't bode well for Whistler. We know that the Picas have at least his bike and I still haven't been able to reach him, so I tend to believe Maggie who told me that he has been captured.

Not like she was all that eager to talk, but in exchange for her dog, with her diary cracked and with Blaster and Rivet playing very effective bad cops to my good one, she got a lot more talk-active. The last straw was the baby. It's not the first baby I delivered here, but the one I worry most about. He seems healthy, but I'm sure that Maggie's drug use will have at least some effect on him later. At least he won't be sold for spare parts, which is what would have happened to him if Maggie had stayed with the Picas. She had clearly hoped that we would take the baby from her but once she held him, there was no going back for her. Not to mention that the Picas would probably just kill her now that she has been staying with us, however involuntarily.

The burning ork scene was truly epic. The Picas used Super Soakers to spray Rivet with gas, true to the fact that they are after all just kids, most of them no older than 13 or so.

Here's a closer look at the area where the whole thing took place. Well, not the exact place, but close enough to give you a good idea and we did use that map. Just imagine a few more collapsed buildings.

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