Monday, February 27, 2012

February Classic Challenge: Antigone

Dear Antigone,

you really had no chance, didn't you? I mean, with that family I'm surprised you grew up into such a (as far as I can see) normal woman. But it didn't save you.

You have courage, there's no doubt about that, and once you made your desicion, there's no going back. I admire you for that. In your situation, most people would have bowed down to the immediate threat of Creon and obeyed. You felt bound by a higher law and I really hope the gods know it.

It's not a gentle world you live in and your gods make it even harder. I think your people had a good sense for the random cruelty of life and they molded their gods to fit it. It's probably part of the reason why all those myths (and I don't use that word in any negative sense) are still so well remembered today. We may no longer believe in such gods, but hearing about them and about you still may help us make sense out of far as that can be done at all.

Would it satisfy you to know that Creon has been harshly punished for his actions? I rather think that you'd see it as the natural consequence of his hubris. He put himself above the gods' law and he suffered for it, ending up a sadder and wiser man to quote another story about a man who badly overestimated himself.

someone who read about you 2500 years after your time

Antigone by Sophokles is my 4th book for the Classics Challegne
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