Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Hostage to Ice Cream

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Last time, the gang of the Rat's Nest started a war with a neighbouring gang, the Picas

December 4th 2071

I got a call that one of the Picas was standing in front of the gates, asking to speak to someone in charge. That person was me, everybody else was not around. Seems to me I'm doing a lot of this leader crap lately. I should ask for a pay rise. Oh wait, I don't get payed.

The Pica officially declared war between the Scrappers and the Picas, no surprise there. Then he offered to trade Whistler for Kerry's automatic weapon, plus Maggie's stuff or at least the part that belongs to the gang. I told him I had to ask Kerry about the gun, but other than that the trade was fine with me. We agreed to meet an hour later.

Kerry was very much not in favor of giving away her gun and I had to promise to get her a new one as quickly as possible. Ammo was not included in the deal, so she stripped the gun. Rivet and a couple of other orks accompanied me and I have to say if I do have to walk into such a situation, having an ork with a giant crossbow watching my back definitely makes me feel better.

The agreed meeting place was the Iceman, a guy short a few sandwiches of a picnic who sells ice from an armored car. He went postal when we arrived, but that's normal for him. If you can't face down a shotgun to buy your ice, then the Iceman is not for you.

Shortly before the Picas arrived, Splash called me and actually asked me to bring her some vanilla icecream back. With sprinkles. WTF? What is it with people and ice cream? Says the guy with the 15 packages of the stuff in his freezer and no idea how they got there.

Anyway, the trade went down without problems, no-one tried to shoot anyone. Whistler had obviously been badly beaten, he was barely able to walk. The Picas had also drugged him, probably to make him easier to control. Rivet picked him up and we drove back to the Rat's Nest.

Back at the clinic, I got to work on Whistler, neutralizing the heroin he had been injected with. There were a few broken ribs, a broken ulna and if I had to guess, I'd say someone had worked him over with a baseball bat. At least he still had all his organs.

Maggie saw him and called something over, making Whistler freak out completely, I had my hands full calming him down. So I already have a pretty good idea that she was at least involved. For Whistler's sake, I arranged for Maggie to move into another container down the road, I don't want her here with him.

Rivet asked me if I could supply him with an antidote to Kamikaze. The Hellhounds and the Scrappers had a run-in with the Spikes. Instead of an all-out gang war there will be a duel between two fighters of the Spikes and Rivet and Blaster. He's hoping that the Kamikaze will give him an extra edge. I also agreed to come with them, for on-site first aid, in exchange for a gun for Kerry.


Here's Maggie's diary - have fun with her street slang!

I think the Rat's Nest will face some hard times. Neil is beginning to get he feeling that if he hears the word gang never again in his life, it will still be too soon. He's a doctor, not a gang leader.

The Iceman scene was pure genius. Imagine High Noon with orks on one side, a kiddie gang on the other side. While the two leaders walk toward each other, all suspense and tension, one ork sidles over to the armoured vehicle and buys ice cream. Sometimes I really wish that we could make a movie out of those adventures, that scene would be so epic.

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