Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7th Sea: Back in Théah

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Dear Isabel,
thank you for your letters, I've received the whole package now that I've been spending a few weeks in the same place. I'm sorry that I have had so little time to write, a few letters have also been lost when our ship sank.

In any case, we had been living at Don Salvador's home for some time when news reached de Chevalier that his family was in peril. His older brother had died and his younger brother had his father declared insane and his sister (next in line to the title) arrested.

In addition to this, we discovered that de Chevalier is in truth a member of the duLac family. Logan reacted badly to that, as you can probably imagine. It took us all some time to get him to agree that de Chevalier and his family are not responsible for the acts of others from that family.

We left for Montaigne on the Donna Bianca, landing about a day's ride from de Chevalier's home in Crieux. After some reconnaissance, we learned that de Chevalier's brother had a servant buy a couple of poisons. I know that one of them would cause a person to vividly hallucinate, making him certainly seem insane to others, and another is deadly given over a longer time.

Since an open attack is not to be thought of, we rode to the vicinity of Ville de Bourbon and arrived there in the evening, deciding to spend the night in a small forest a short way from the chateau. Don Ramon has been gathering wood for a small fire for, now that I think about it, a fairly long time.

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