Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7th Sea: A Forest

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Part 1

It seems that we cannot let Don Ramon walk out of sight anywhere, not even in a forest, without him picking up a woman and a fight. We heard the sounds of clashing weapons and found Ramon engaged in a fight with two noblemen on horses for the sake of a young peasant woman, whom the noblemen apparently had offended. Since Ramon was clearly not in any danger of being overpowered, we were content to watch him send the two scoundrels on their way.

Giselle, as Ramon introduces us to her, recognised de Chevalier, but we asked her to keep quiet about this and I think she will. We changed our hiding place after that to avoid attention. De Chevalier encountered something I'm fairly sure was a badger when he went to get some wood, but from his description it might as well have been a bear.

I regret now that I didn't take the time to learn some physics from Don Salvador while I had the chance. That is something we may be in need of sooner or later and we cannot rely on finding a trustworthy healer everywhere. I did manage to take care of the wound Ramon received during the fight reasonably well at least.

In the morning, Ramon and I rode back to our old camp to meet with de Vestini who had been able to get some interesting information from his washerwoman friend. Logan and Lucia visited the village, bought some supplies and also brought back news.

It seems that de Chevalier's brother has left for Charouse over a month ago, leaving the scum of his noble friends in charge here. They do as they wish with the people, the women in particular. De Chevalier's mother supports them, but we are sure that she is forced to do so, probably to save the life of her husband. We will try to enter the Chateau tonight to speak to her. Our chances are improved by the fact that there are a number of Eisen soldiers who are still loyal to de Chevalier, but at the moment they are scattered in the countryside to avoid being captured or killed.


Things are beginning to move. Now, if we can keep Logan's player from simply pushing the nobleman who (probably) is the éminence grise behind de Chevaliers mother down the stairs, we may have a chance to solve this. Not that the nobleman hadn't deserved it, but killing him that way would cause more problems than solving them, not to mention that it would not be honourable.

I really, really need to make it possible for Marcello to learn first aid at least. With Don Salvador gone, we don't have anyone in our group who knows that to do. I managed to make a pretty god roll on the Wits trait, but I wouldn't want to rely on that with something more complicated than a mere flesh wound.

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