Monday, March 19, 2012

Iron Lady

We went to see "Iron Lady" yesterday and man, I know why Meryl Streep got the Oscar. Don't expect a history lesson, this is not a movie you can watch to polish up your grade in history. But as a psychological study of an exceptional woman it's excellent and whatever you may think of her, Thatcher was exceptional.

The main reason why I wanted to see that movie was Jim Broadbent, though, who plays her husband Denis Thatcher. I've been a fan of his ever since The Crying Game and Life is Sweet. I can almost guarantee that you know him if you like movies. He's Horace Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies, he was Boss Tweed in Gangs of New York and, my personal favourite, the Duke of Buckingham in Ian McKellen's brilliant version of Richard III.

I always find it amazing how the man can go from amiable and good-natured to ruthless and threatening in the blink of an eye. I feel he's absolutely underrated and for me, he's always a reason to go see a movie. Keep an eye out for him and tell me I'm wrong.

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