Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Sidelined

We played the Rat's Nest campaign yesterday, with a full set of players (plus a new one). Neil is going to write about over on his blog when he can, right now he's not in a position to because he's being held hostage by the Russian mob. Much of the session was taken up by bringing all the characters together and planning Neil's rescue. We'll get around to the actual execution of the plan next time. Um, execution...I may regret using that particular word.

So I had not much to do this evening but clutch my head and go "aaaargh, I'm going to die"whenever someone mentioned stuff like blowing the place up or going in guns blazing. I still had fun. Mike of Really Bad Eggs has written a piece on strong NPCs and player characters getting sidelined for an evening. You should go and read it.

I knew that I wouldn't have much opportunity to act and I didn't mind at all. My character has had many great moments in this campaign and equally important, he's in this uncomfortable position because of decisions I made. If I get sidelined by a GM because he wants to force a point or just because it's easier for him, with no good reason, I'd be less accepting and vocal about it, you can be sure of that. But if it happens like this, with a reason and with the promise of a good story, it's perfectly fine. My GMs can get away with pretty much anything when I know that a good story and character development will come from it, and I don't mean development as in XPs. Those are nice, but I'd rather have more background, more NPCs to interact with and changes in how my character reacts to the world. I'm getting plenty of that here.

I also got to watch a great movie. Whenever I watch others roleplay, my imaginations turns it into a movie and this one featured a half-naked ork walking into a bar and demanding clothes, motorcycle and sunglasses from some random ork ganger. I mean, what's not to like.

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