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7th Sea: Lighthouse

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Dear Isabel,

let me begin this letter by saying that I'm safe and not hurt. You'll know why and I'm sure you'll wish to yell at me for my recklessness by the time you read it. I could blame Don Ramon's influence, but the truth is that I enjoy this life of adventures and danger far more than I should. I'll try and be more careful and I will come back to you, like I always did.

With Logan, Don Ramon and Lucia preparing a distraction in case we'd get caught, Vestini, de Chevalier and I climbed over the wall of the chateau. People were merrymaking inside and we decided to break into the upper rooms since a balcony was within easy reach from the wall. De Chevalier managed the jump without problems, but Vestini and I had to stay perched on top of the wall for a bit longer when a man, clearly drunk, came out into the garden. He walked to the cliffs without seeing us and yelled for someone to Maria to come out to him. He used language I will not repeat here. The woman did follow him and while she had her back turned, we made our way to the balcony and into the room. We turned back just in time to see her push the man off the cliffs into the sea.

Unfortunately, we do not know who the man was and we can only guess that the woman was the fiancée of de Chevalier's late brother. There was nothing we could do about what we just had seen and so we decided to wait for de Chevalier's mother and used the time to look through the papers we found in the study. Remind me to ask de Chevalier to teach me how to pick locks. We found the names of the judge and the lawyer who were involved with declaring de Chevalier dead and his father insane and we also found that not much was left of the family's money.

After some time, the music downstairs ended and de Chevalier's mother came up to her room not long after that. Seeing her son was quite a shock, but he did his best to calm her - and to stay calm himself when we saw that she had been forced to play the cembalo until her fingers were bleeding for the entertainment of the scum who are holding her hostage. She told us that she did not know where her husband was held captive, but that a Castille mercenary called El Gato was coming every week or so to report and to receive new instructions.

Since we could not risk drawing attention to us at this moment, we were forced to leave her behind when we returned to our camp in the woods. There were some discussions about that, but in the end there is a time and place for revenge and it was not then and there.

The Eisen soldiers told us of a few places where El Gato could be hiding and the old lighthouse on the island just off the coast sounded most promising, so we decided to investigate it. That meant borrowing a boat. Vestini acquired one for us, although I'm not sure on what terms, he returned to the camp after was had obviously been a severe beating. Or maybe he just ran afoul of the husband or father of one of his many acquaintances.

After nightfall, we crossed the strait to the island and made our way to the lighthouse that is said to be haunted. We all felt some kind of presence and it grew stronger the nearer we came to the lighthouse. Ramon and I went ahead to investigate. I confess I felt more than a bit daunted, especially when flames suddenly roared up in the tower's windows, making it look for than ever like some kind of demon. I noticed however that the flames were caused by some mechanism and whenever someone steps on the paving stones that lead to the entrance, they light up. I also noted that the eerie feeling was only present when the wind blows from a certain direction.

Back with our friends, de Chevalier guessed that the feeling was caused by another mechanism that turns wind into vibrations too deep to hear, but still strong enough to be felt. We decided to explore the tower and shining a lantern through the entrance, the floor showed itself to be without footprints. Ramon and I jumped in and the floor gave way under us. We landed on some kind of smooth copper chute and for a moment, I was sure we were going to land on the sharp stones in the sea below the tower. Instead, the chute made a sharp turn and we found ourself floundering in water just too deep to stand. We had found the pirate's cave: the cave was big enough for a half-sunken three-master and some huts to our right with a jetty.

Unfortunately, there was movement in the water between ourselves and the jetty and all thought of some harmless explanation like fish or seals were squashed by the sight of several Sirens swimming towards us. I had never seen those creatures up close before and I had no wish to, but there was no way of evading them, so we fought. The blood lust of those monsters made it easier for us because when I injured my first one, the others tore it apart as soon as the blood started flowing. It was quite a fight and with hindsight, I would have liked to take a closer look at one of the corpses, but at the time we were both glad to be safely out of the water. We had killed five Sirens and had no way of knowing if there were any more.

In the meantime, the others had found a different way into the cave. We met them in a corner behind the huts and heard several voices coming from the biggest one. I will not repeat what exactly they were talking about, but de Chevalier immediately attacked upon hearing them mentioning his mother.

(to be continued)

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