Saturday, April 7, 2012

Iron Sky

I've been waiting several years for this: seeing Iron Sky on the big screen. It was well worth the wait. The whole thing is hilarious and snarky and extremely well-designed, I loved the whole steampunkish look and all the little details the filmmakers obviously paid a lot of attention to. Watch the background when you go see that movie, there's a lot to see there.

A president totally not modeled after Sarah Palin, a Führer called Kortzfleisch (Schicklgruber, anyone?), an astronaut chosen for his looks, a ruthless Nazi officer and his (at first) naive bride to be. Recipe for disaster.

I think my favourite moment was the take off of the Götterdämmerung, the huge war machine the moon Nazis had been building for the last few decades. It looks awesome and you get impressive music with a choir singing in German. Then I realised that the dramatic choir was singing stuff like "machines come out of the earth", basically describing what went on on the screen.

Go see it. I mean, Nazis from space. How can you not?

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