Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miller's Crossing

It's been ages since I last saw Miller's Crossing and I had forgotten just how good it was. It's my favourite Cohen Brothers film ever.

A huge amount of work obviously went into getting the movie to look and feel authentic. From cars to clothes to cornflakes package, everything is just right. The actors are all brilliant and I think that this was the movie that made me a Gabriel Byrne fan. I know I watched it for Albert Finney, who has possibly the best scene in the movie (and there are many great scenes there). Watch:

I hate Danny Boy with a passion, but in this context, it's beyond awesome.

You will need to listen and watch closely not to miss anything in Miller's Crossing. Characters cross and doublecross each other and if you rustle your bag of crisps at the wrong moment, you may be missing some important clue. It's enormous fun to watch it all resolve itself in the end.

As someone who learned English as a second language, I have to say that even after fifteen years of watching films in English, Miller's Crossing was a challenge. But I love accents and dialects, so that only adds to the appeal of it.

On my list of noir movies, Miller's Crossing is right there at the top.

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