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7th Sea: El Gato

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Forced into the fight by de Chevalier's rash but understandable reaction, we made quick and bloody work of the mercenaries. I wish we had avoided that, but we couldn't risk any of them escaping. There was one woman among them and she attacked Don Ramon who had already killed three opponents. I threw my knife and hit her in the neck, killing her, much to Don Ramon's chagrin. But the way I see it, if we are fighting to reach a goal there's no shame in ending the fight as quickly as possibly. I wouldn't dream of interfering in a duel or such, but this was different.

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When El Gato, who fought with Logan, saw his companions dead, he turned and ran. Logan shot him in the back and he fell down the stairs into the water. Since Logan thought that we had earlier dispatched of all the sirens, he jumped in to save him from drowning. He learned his error when even more sirens attacked. I have never seen anyone jump out of water that quickly.

De Chevalier and Lucia went to free the Comte who was held in a room further up the stairs. One of the mercenaries was still alive and I tried to dress his wounds, but the man died under my hands. I wish I knew more about medicine, none of us really do and we will need it, I'm sure.

There were three young women, who we assumed had been taken to the island for the mercenaries' entertainment. Logan tried to put them at their ease, to get some more information from them. They seemed reluctant to talk and it became clear why when one of them slipped Logan's dagger from his boot and held it to his throat. She was one of the mercenaries, very possibly their leader.

With Logan as a hostage, she made her way out of the hut, only to encounter de Chevalier who had returned with his father. He shot the knife from her hand and Logan started to brawl with her. He had a nasty surprise when suddenly knives appeared in her hand and she aimed one of them right between his legs. The other were thrown at de Chevalier and at Ramon, who had stepped out of the hut. I've encountered this before, a Voddace school of fighting and the woman clearly was highly accomplished.

Nevertheless, she had a hard time against Logan who had superior strength and quite simply outweighed her. She turned to run, but Logan caught her. One of his blows killed her, although he did not intend for that to happen. I've never seen him so distraught before.

A quick search of the huts and the bodies turned up a book written in code. I managed to get the gist of it fairly quickly and it seems that El Gato is not a single man, but rather an organisation and that every member can wear the mask of El Gato (which we found among the belongings of the mercenaries). I fear we have made a powerful enemy.

Since we could not bury the bodies, we decided to throw them into the water where they would be eaten by the sirens. Better than leaving them to rot. After we were done, we returned to the mainland. With a little more time, I deciphered the whole book and found out that El Gato was involved in quite a few things in the area. De Chevalier's brother had instructed them with keeping his father captive and had also pointed them in the direction of the cave under the lighthouse.

With the Comte safe, we can now free de Chevalier's mother and since there's not much sense in waiting around, we will do that tomorrow night.  I'll do my very best to keep as safe as possible and I'll write to you again when we get back.


Something Marcello did not see: Lucia had searched the belonging of the two women and among other things she found a silver ring with a big red gemstone on the finger of the woman Logan killed. She tried to slip it off, but it wouldn't budge. Neither spit nor oil helped and it quickly became clear that the only way to get the ring was to cut off the finger. Lucia's player balked at that, but de Vestini's player said he'd do it, but only if no-one saw him. 

No, said the GM, there are way too many people in the cave, someone WILL see you. That should have been the end of it, but there actually was a discussion about it that quickly began to turn in circles. Ramon's player lost his temper, he's usually the last one to do that, and forcefully reminded everyone that we were supposed to play heroes. Bad enough that we had caused a bloodbath, but looting the bodies in such a way was not something we should even think about. The GM agreed, de Vestini's player did not and for a moment it seemed the group would have one of its meltdowns, but luckily de Chevalier's player simply carried on and we kind of glossed over the situation.

Endless discussions with the GM are a pet peeve of mine. I'm not saying that the GM is always right, but he does have the final say and it should be accepted. And this is not Shadowrun or D&D were our characters can kill without a second thought and then go on to snatch up the treasure left behind by the monsters. But at least no-one walked out on the group (yes, this had happened before).

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