Monday, May 14, 2012

Cthulhu Gaslight: Deliberations

Cast of Characters:
Thomas Roquefort, American, archaeologist and adventurer, recently arrived in London after an expedition to Egypt
Richard George Thomas Lumley, second son of the Earl of Scarbrough
Jasper Burnside, physician and in the last two years something of a hermit. It's common knowledge that he has lost someone close and there are rumours aplenty for those willing to listen (he's my character)

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At the Yard, the group meets with Jeffrey Hull, Dr Laydon and Commander Lesley Devine, who is not at all amused by the theories about cults and ritual murders they have come up with. He's even less amused by the fact that there has been another murder practically right under the nose of Inspector Fox. Fox looks decidedly unhappy when he has to present his case and it's not wholly clear whether he's more worried about losing his job or about not being able to protect Lady Kincaid.Both, probably.  At least he wasn't the one who took her to the East End, that was Jasper's idea and Jasper drily remarks that Lady Kincaid knows her way around there better than anyone in the room

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Laydon, with permission, admits that the Duke of Clarence is addicted to laudanum and has been for quite a while. Jasper asks for a sample of the laudanum, to find out if there are any other substances mixed with it.

When the group leaves, Richard asks Sir Jeffrey for a private conversation and invites Thomas and Jasper as well. He says that he was taking a walk yesterday evening when he saw a black coach with a team of black horses arrive at Laydon's house, just like the one Jasper and Cat saw right after the last murder. Richard couldn't see the person who got out of the coach, but it may well have been Laydon. The group has already been wondering about the good doctor - for example, why has he only been knocked unconscious during the kidnapping of Thomas Kincaid? It's clear that the men responsible don't think twice about killing. Richard volunteers to keep an eye on Doctor Laydon.

Thomas has some additional information as well: he has come across reports that the bodies of five Napoleonic soldiers were found at the entrance to the ruins of Hermopolis, with no clues as to what killed them or what they were doing there. The cult of Toth may be trying to gain access to the Fire of Ra, an immensely powerful weapon or force.

Jasper takes a look at the latest victim, but gains no new informations. Richards goes to have breakfast at his club where an aquaintance of his, Sir Theodore Huntington, takes it upon him to warn Richard about the company he keeps. Richard thinks he means Thomas, but Huntington clarifies that he's more concerned about Jasper. He has been told by reliable sources that Jasper not only killed his wife, but also his newborn child. Or that he at least was criminally negligent and allowed them to die. Richard, to his credit, doesn't take that at face value, especially since the reliable sources are servants no longer in Jasper's employ. But he is shaken and he does wonder about Jasper, who after all had simply disappeared for the last two years.

Thomas goes to talk to his friend Neil, who freaks when he hears about the Fire of Ra and insistently warns Thomas to be careful or, even better, to simply stay away from the whole business. Jasper and Thomas meet at the club and make a visit to Cat, who is still at the doctor's house near the East End where Jasper had her brought. While she insist that she's much better already, Jasper decides that she'd better stay there for at least another day. When Thomas asks about what happened, Cat cannot tell them much, the attack came from behind and she's a little high on laudanum anyway.

The group will meet again this afternoon at the premises of the Eygptian League, Sir Jeffrey has managed to get them an invitation.


It seems Sir Richard is not completely useless after all. And he doesn't put much faith in gossip. Let's see if he asks Jasper about what has happened, that will be an interesting conversation. Jasper of course knows that there are rumours about what has happened and that much of it is quite vicious, but there's not much he can do about that. So even though he will find it very hard to talk about it, he would appreciate being asked.

Doctor Laydon is a clear favourite of the players as a murder suspect. We're a bit hazy on motive, but we all think he has something to do with it, even if he shouldn't be the killer.

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