Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shadowun Rat's Nest: Home Again

Finally. We're back at the Rat's Nest.

I wasn't at all sure we'd manage it and it was dangerous, characters could easily have died here. We used toy drones as a decoy to trick the Picas into thinking we were attacking. That is one scene I would have really liked to see as a movie or animation. The players chose a garden gnome holding a potted petunia (oh no, not again), a Duracell bunny and a Hello Kitty as their drones, but we also had teddy bears, all sorts of cute plushies and those dog that bark, walk and do somersaults. Imagine an army of that coming out of a mountain of garbage and marching towards the container village. And then exploding, after squeaking something like "Hug me!" or "Play with me!".

The Nest's in ruins and we will have our hands full to rebuild it. The Picas have left a number of unpleasant surprises for us, not only booby traps but also victims of rape and abuse among the people who stayed behind when the Nest was evacuated, plus a couple of dead bodies, their organs harvested.

We'll be needing a lot of money to rebuilt and that means doing runs. And so the story continues.

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