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7th Sea: Storm the Castle

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Dear Isabel,

again: I am safe and sound while I am writing this letter, so don't worry yourself. It may be a while before I can write again because we will be travelling, with Charouse as our eventual goal.

We decided on a twofold attack on the chateau: de Chevalier, de Vestini and I were to climb over the wall into the chambers of de Chevaliers mother. We would take an Eisen soldier to protect her while we would defend the doors from the outside. At the same time, Don Ramon, Logan and Lucia would try to gain entry with a fake wine delivery, Lucia disguised as the inkeeper's daughter and the men hidden in empty barrels.

The first part of the plan worked quite well. We dispatched the guards on the wall quickly and quietly and took up our place without being detected. Lucia managed to sweet-talk the guards into letting the cart into the chateau, but the captain of the guard was much more suspicious and tried to stop them halfway through the second gate.

When he called Lucia a slattern, Don Ramon took this as his personal signal to begin the fight and aimed a shot at the captain, but missed. The captain ordered the gates to be dropped and the inner gate narrowly missed both Ramon and Logan, but killed the two Eisen soldiers hidden in the second row of barrels. So now they were trapped in the courtyard with just one more Eisen soldier for support and about twenty guards armed with muskets coming for them.

The Eisen soldier took on the guards, armed only with a claymore, while Logan and Ramon saw to it that the gates were raised again. Lucia jumped off the cart only to come face to face with the captain. A quick knee-jerk reaction gave her enough time to flee into the tower where Logan had by now raised the inner gate and could give her assistance in fending off the captain.

Inside the chateau, the first shot from Ramon's musket had not only told us that the fight had started but the noblemen as well, who were busy getting drunk as every evening until then. De Vestini vanished below stairs and de Chevalier challenged Crieux to a duell. One of the other noblemen tried to shoot de Chevalier, but was stabbed from behind by the woman we had already seen pushing one of them over the cliff's edge the first time we were here.

At the same time, a few guards came down the back stairs, chasing a couple of maids. I attacked and brought two of the guards down, the third one lost all will to fight with my rapier at his throat. While I was busy taking his weapons from him, an explosion shook the chateau. I was showered with shards from the window and nearly thrown off my feet. It seems that one of the guards lit a whole powder-keg and threw it down the stairs of the tower to get rid of Logan. A bit of an extreme measure that laid ruin to half the tower without seriously hurting Logan, who was quick on his feet as usual and got away in time.

Ramon and the Eisen soldier had by then overpowered the guards with the help of the rest of our Eisen troops and de Vestini had bested the last nobleman in a duell. As for Crieux, he managed to take de Chevaliers weapons from him and seemed already sure of his victory. However, de Chevalier can always be relied upon to do the unexpected. He defeated Crieux in the most humiliating way possible with a candlestick and a long skewer, declaring Crieux not worthy of being fought with real weapons.

So now we hold the castle. This gives us a safe place to plan our next steps, we have to proof that de Chevalier's brother gained his title unlawfully. All this will eventually lead us to Charouse and I will write to you again when we have arrived, but I cannot say how long it will be.

Take care of yourself and give my love to Alba.


The GM offered to play out the fight largely by roleplaying and storytelling and we took him up on that offer. That way is much quicker than rolling every single fight and much more entertaining. At crucial moments, we had the choice to roll the dice for the outcome of a fight or to spent a drama die to let the fight go our way, describing it as vividly and dramatically as possible. I think that worked out very well for us, I just would have liked to see more of the duel between Crieux and de Chevalier.

Alba, by the way, is Marcello's youngest daughter and the only one of his three children who wants anything to do with him.

I won't be there for the next two evenings unfortunately. Expect to hear more from Marcello by the end of July when I'm back in town.

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