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7th Sea: Rumours

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Dear Isabel,

you are probably not going to like what I have to write and I apologise. I told you last time that we were going to invent a reason for the judge to either blackmail me or to become interested in my person. Given the judge's own pleasures, we created a story about me being a murderer who hides his victims by burning down their houses. So all we need are recent fires in neighbouring towns and villages to make this convincing and it's not like this is uncommon.

Since I would prefer to keep the name I'm currently living under, I created a new identiy for myself. It's easier and more believable to use a real person, so I chose Don Gabriel. I think we agree that any trouble this may get him into, he has earned hundredfold. A pity that he won't be travelling to Montaigne any time soon.

While de Chevalier went to find out a bit more about the judge, I created the necessary papers to proof my identity. Ramon was quite interested and I enjoyed teaching him. It may not be a very honourable skill, but a useful one.

The next morning, Ramon and Logan went to work on spreading the rumours. They did so in a good restaurant and I'm told that the servants at least were quite fascinated by what they overheard. I took a walk around town and by chance came across a Crescent book on anatomy and medicine. I should have taken the chance to study medicine when I travelled the Crescent Empire, but at that time, I had other things to do. The book will be useful, I'm sure, but I rather hope I can find a Crescent-trained physician who is willing to teach me, before we get to Charouse preferrably.

It seems that the judge is not the only one with a questionable taste in entertainment. He spends a lot of his time at a very exclusive club, the Black Lily, and we found out that this establishment is also frequented by the richest cattle dealer in town, a Ussuran by the name of Vladimir Ivanovitsh Trotzki, the Madame of the best local brothel and a relative of the Prince, Charles René Flaubert du Doré. That man is widely known for his temper and his love for duells, which he always wins. Ramon has already declared his intention of fighting him. Sometimes I really do wish that Ramon was a bit less reckless. But as you always tell me, I used to be not much different and maybe I still haven't changed all that much, considering what I am doing here.

We have an invitation to a party tomorrow where I am going to do my best to make people worry a bit about Don Gabriel. He should be charming enough that people don't mistrust him at first glance, but just unsettling enough that they might not be entirely comfortable when he shows attention to their daughters. And by attention I mean nothing but talking to them, whatever the others may think I'm planning to do. You know that I would never do anything to compromise your honour or the trust you have in me.

I wil let you know as soon as I can how things turned out, I hope that I can report the demise of Don Gabriel in my next letter. He is not a nice person to be.

I miss you always


I have such a bad feeling about this. There's a distinct feeling of de Sade or even Gilles de Rais to the judge and his companions. This is not going to end well.

The players of Logan and Ramon went at the rumour spreading scene with gusto and came up with a great story that has the potential to spread widely. All said just between them, of course, completely ignoring the servants who brought food and wine and did their best not to listen too obviously.

Logan suggested that Marcello should hook up with one of the Jennies at the brothel. It would have been a good plan, those women are not cheap and an investment the Madame would probably be eager to protect from a man like Don Gabriel. But there are limits to what Marcello is willing to do for the sake of their mission and this is certainly one of them.

Don Gabriel is one of the men responsible for Marcello's exile and he doesn't have any qualms about blackening the name of that man. He takes a certain delight in it, especially since he can do nothing else at the moment or he would endanger his family.

We will be taking a break of four weeks until our next session, time enough to come up with a plan to make Don Gabriel sufficiently creepy.

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