Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A note to my players: you're welcome to read this and other Endland posts I write. I will hide any stuff you are not supposed to know in a spoiler section.

I'm a player, not a GM. I have GMed twice in my life, once for two players, once a one on one. Both times were not bad, but I never caught the GMing bug.

I rashly offered to GM an Endland adventure in October and gosh, it's only seven weeks until then, so it's time for some nice last minute panic. But after a couple of weeks of absolutely no inspiration, the panic is turning into excitement as the adventure comes together.

Endland (free PDF, no translation unfortunately) is a German postapocalyptic game. Humans have all died out in a cataclysmic event and their descendants have inherited the wasteland the earth has turned into. There are five races, one fairly humanlike, called Humanes, the others more strange: the dwarf-like Mada, the winged Ikarim, the reptilian Aquides in the West and the heavily mutated, scarred Cerbores in the East. The land is enclosed by fire in the East and water in the West. Across the middle of the continent runs a line of Monoliths where people are safe from the radiation that has poisoned the land, but elsewhere mutation and disease is not a risk, but a certainty.

Remnants of human life and technology are everywhere and scavenging for such artefacts can make you rich. It can also make you dead. But hey, it's not like your are going to live long anyway, so why not spend your few years in style?

I chose to place the town where all characters live not near one of the Monoliths, but near the Eastern Desert. The climate is still fairly moderate and the town is able to support a few hundred inhabitants by farming the surrounding lands. It's also a tradepost, a place where adventurers meet, caravans stop to rest and people come to sell and buy.

The Eastern Desert is the place where many old ruins can be found, including whole cities, or so the legends say. The Cerbores who live in the desert certainly use a lot of technology that has to come from somewhere.

So now I have a town, I have a fairly good idea who's important there and what daily life looks like. I know what you get to see when you travel a few days from that town. I have a long list of names to give to NPCs - seriously, I think names are almost more important than anything else for on the spot NPC creation. I have three characters my players created: a Mada who is a mage (or elementarist, as they are called in Endland), an Ikarim who can tell the future and a Cerbora who works in the local garage/repair shop/smithy. And I have a good idea for the first adventure already fleshed out. It will need some more work, but on the whole I think October can come.

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