Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Kiddie Party

We were supposed to continue with our usual Rat's Nest campaign this Monday, however two players cancelled on short notice. But we were going to introduce a new player anyway a few sessions from now who was going to take over Maggie and so we called that player, she was up for a session and the game was on.

I couldn't play Neil as usual and picked one of the NPCs, a young ganger named Rusty. Maggie's fourteen, Rusty's seventeen and the third character, Ray, is somewhere between the two as far as I know. I had just been reading this post by Shortymonster about playing children and thought huh, I've never done that. Synchronicity is a strange and wonderful thing.

None of our characters consider themselves teenagers or children and they all had to grow up quickly to survive, but still. The fact that Rusty is certainly not as adult as he wants to be will come into play, I'll make sure of that. He desperately wants to proof himself as something more than muscles to rely on in a fight. We'll be doing a run that definitely requires more than just waving a crossbow or gun around and he knows that it will be more than useful for his standing in the gang if that works out well.

Oh, and I decided that he has a huge crush on Liana, a girl who lives at the Rat's Nest. Now if he only could get her alone to talk to her without her giggling girlfriends... I can't believe I'm actually roleplaying that, I mean, it was awkward enough in real life. Rusty would probably rather duke it out with another ganger than walk up to Liana while she's surrounded by the other girls.

I love the Rat's Nest setting for its flexibility. It's a sandbox setting if I ever saw one. I can just pick an NPC and with some tweaking, I'm ready to play and I already have a good idea of who the guy is because the NPCs constantly evolve and react to what the players have done so far.

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