Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7th Sea: Bar Brawl

Dear Isabel,

please pass the enclosed letter on to Alba, I haven't written to her for much too long. I don't know how much longer we will stay here, but it's probably better to continue to send any letters to this address, I can always send for them after I have left.

The cat I mentioned in my last letter belongs to Lucia now and it carried a message from El Gato. I said that I was afraid we had made an enemy and it seems I was right. The kitten carried a ring with a valuable stone on its collar and Lucia told us she recognised the ring from the fight in the pirate cave where she had planned to take it with her. The ring was stuck on the finger of the woman Logan had killed by accident, though, and so she left it. This ring may or may not be the same one, in any case it was accompanied by a note that said "Since you have been so interested in this..."

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And speaking of interested, I noticed that we were being followed when we walked back home from the party. There are always the people of the thieves' guild who watch us, but this time there was someone else. I almost missed him, he was highly skilled at staying in the shadows and moving quietly. But I did spot him eventually. Logan and I decided to ignore him, this was what we had intended after all. So I have attracted attention, it remains to be seen of what kind exactly.

We were busy planning our next step when a servant brought a letter from Robert who asked to meet us this evening at a tavern a small distance outside the town. De Chevalier went first, followed by Ramon and I, pretending to go for a ride, and Logan and Lucia who left town on foot and in disguise. The tavern was filled with local farmers and workers, so we did attract some atention, but not too much.

When Robert arrived, he spotted de Chevalier first and joined him, asking why we had asked for a meeting? De Chevalier immediately realised that we has walked into a trap and tried to get out, only to close the door again quickly when he came face to face with even more men, including the insufferable Charles René Flaubert du Doré. The men inside turned out to be under du Doré's command as well.

The trap was more for Robert than for us, as du Doré called to him from outside, gleefully remarking that he had finally captured Robert. But the man was counting his chickens before they had hatched. Ramon and I had chosen our seats upstairs, so I couldn not see what Logan and Lucia were doing, but from the sound it it Logan avoided being hit by a shotgun, pushed someone through a window and continued to brawl with the men. De Chevalier and Robert fought with rapier and dagger, but no less successfully.

Upstairs, eight men took a shot at us with muskets, but failed to hit anything of significance. Ramon made quick work of four of them and then left me to dispatch the others since he had a engagement with a woman who had left her calling card in form of a knife in his shoulder.

I was too busy for a while with one of du Doré's better trained henchmen, who learned that a rapier is not much use when trying to defend oneself against thrown knives unless your adversary lets you come close enough, which I didn't do. The rest of the men were knocked unconscious with a well-placed table and I had time to see what the others were up to.

Ramon had been nailed to the wall by the woman with a couple of knives, but she had either missed or had deliberately tried to render him helpless without hurting him. In any case, when she saw that the fight was lost for her side, she threw a last knife at the man who was threatening Lucia, killing him, and then fled. As did du Doré, much to Ramon's chagrin. I really hope Ramon won't go into battle with du Doré lightly when the time comes - but come it will, I'm sure of that.

The woman belonged to El Gato. We're not sure if she killed her companion to get rid of any witnesses or if she did it to help Lucia or both.

I had hoped we would get out of this town without too much violence. Naive of me, probably, even more so in view of the fact that we're not nearly done here. I promise I will take care, as much as I can.


Yes,I know. Throwing knives for serious damage = mostly bullshit. Incidentally, Shortymonster has a very interesting post on long swords and the comments discuss knife and other weapon myths. But anyway, while I'm playing 7th Sea, I'm totally fine with less realism and more heroism.

We used a map of the tavern and game markers to plot the fight. When the GM started to fish the black markers out of the box and just didn't stop until he had two hands full, someone asked with a definite sense of doom: "Are you going to use ALL of those?"

But of course he was:



We've all been playing our characters for a long time now and it was a nice illustration just how powerful they are. We didn't have all that much trouble in the fight. But I still wouldn't like to come up against du Doré with Marcello. Ramon's player on the other hand is eager for the challenge and I, like Marcello, have the feeling he will get to try his duelling skills.

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