Friday, September 21, 2012

Endland in 3..2..1


Thing I will need for my Endland campaign that starts tonight:

- a couple of d10
- pens and paper
- a list of random names
- the rulebook
- a vibration speaker hooked up to my laptop with hours of gaming music. Seriously, that little speaker is the coolest thing ever if you play in a location that doesn't have a decent sound system. It's small, but turns a table or whatever into a loudspeaker and it has a lot of oomph.
- my notes, with some maps and NPCs
- a paper bag to huff into in case of stage fright

not pictured:
- three players who will hopefully enjoy themselves
- me being absolutely psyched about GMing for the first time

Endland - Your Day Will Come on Obsidian Portal

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