Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Canaries

So we're still playing the kiddie party. We did some fluff or as we call it flower picking via chat, played face to face for the action and are now back to flower picking in Skype.

A list of characters is here

Glitzy offered a small run to Maggie, Ray and Rusty: a pirate transmitter is broadcasting information about people going into comas while using the Matrix, similar to what happened during the Matrix Crash 2.0 and the mission is to silence those pirates, by any means neccessary. Glitzy has her own agenda, she wants to talk to them to find out where they get their information and she wants to keep them alive.

aaand action!

The kids are of course up to the challenge, they are confident they can handle this. So they do a bit of planning and Glitzy gets ready to find the location of the pirates. She thinks she'll be able to pinpoint it to a radius of about fifty metres and it's then the job of the kids to find the van or from whereever the pirates are broadcasting. Since they move around and change locations every fifteen minutes without downtime, there are probably at least two people involved.

It's also Maggie's birthday and she gets a cake and AR contact lenses from Glitzy. Ray has a golden, sticky substance called Desert Dew for her, but challenges her to a game of three cups and a pea first, which she wins. She hasn't yet found out what exactly it is she has won.

Rusty takes his chance to finally talk to Liana when she comes into the pub - without her friends for a change. She works at the garbage plant, sorting through the trash and so he asks her if she can get him electronic scraps they can torch to make it look like they destroyed the pirates' equipment. To his own suprise he also asks her out to dinner. Equally surprised, she agrees to both questions.

Ray gets together some stuff to build a fake bomb, with play dough as a stand-in for C4. Rusty goes to collect the scraps Liana agreed to get for him and also builds a Molotov cocktail. Maggie plays with her contact lenses and when the programming crashes, she's left temporarily blinded. To Ray's and Rusty's amusement, this happens on the street and she walks right into a pole, knocking herself down into the mud. Rusty finally comes to her aid and after she fixed the lenses, they are off.

On their way to Touristville, where they plan to wait for Glitzy's first fix on the pirates, they soon find they are being followed by a kid dressed all in yellow. Maggie knows him, he's one of the Picas. Ray and Rusty would probably be able to shake him if they were on their own, they drive motorbikes that are at least equal to what the kid is driving, but Maggie only has a scooter. So Rusty stays with her while Ray tries to draw the Pica off.

That works, but soon they have not one, but five Picas, all dressed in yellow, following them and cannot shake them. They have arrived in Touristville and there, in the side streets, a battle on motorcycles takes places. After it's over, one of the Picas is as good as dead and the rest all are hurt, with their bikes trashed, mainly because Ray rammed two of them and Rusty shot one who wasn't really hurt, but still fell, crashing into his friends. The Picas, as hinted at by their clothes, are no longer the Picas, but the Canaries, but they still are out to get Maggie.

Ray, Maggie and Rusty drive on for a bit to get away from the scene and are now waiting for Glitzy's call at a noodle shop. Rusty has made further plans to meet with Liana tomorrow evening and has carelessly left the choice of the restaurant to her. He nearly swallows his cup of noodles whole when he reads what she has chosen...he can just hope the food is good there because he won't be able to afford anything else for the rest of the month.


The Picas are now the Canaries. And if that bring up the picture of mine canaries, you are exactly right. Not that the characters except Maggie know that and I as a player have no idea who is sending them out. But in any case our characters did fairly well against them, although we were lucky. And we haven't seen the end of this, not for a long time.

One of our players comes in via Google+ and so far it has worked great, without much lag or total blackouts. I can only recommend this if you have a player who moves away but still wants to game or if you have problems finding players locally. You just need a good microphone, especially when you have several people in one room and not everyone in front of their own computer.

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