Monday, October 1, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Pirates

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Rat's Nest Campaign on Obsidian Portal, you'll find characters lists ect. there

At the noodle shop, Ray and Maggie bicker a bit while Rusty plans his date with Liana and Ray picks the pockets of a pick pocket. When Glitzy calls them, they head back to their bikes only to find that someone stole most of their gas. Hooray for multifuel, though, and they buy cooking oil (at a steep price) from the noodle shop.

They head towards the first fix Glitzy has on the pirates' location and find several vans that may be them, among those a trideo repair man, an ice cream wagon, a red station wagon and a converted van that sells Greek food. The trideo guy looks genuine and Ray and Rusty decide to follow the station wagon and the Greek food. Both drive off in one direction.

Maggie is left with the ice cream seller and decides to get herself some icecream. She slips with her bike and bumps into the ice cream wagon. The owners comes out, screaming at her, but he quickly deflates when Maggie starts to cry. He even helps her with her bike and gives her an ice cream cone for free.

Meanwhile, Rusty and Ray have followed the two cars to another location. The van does indeed sell food and it's quite tasty, as Ray finds out. There are two people in there, a woman and a man, both fairly young. Maggie has arrived and because Ray asks her to, she grazes the mirror of the red station wagon. The owner, a big sleazy guy, get out and he's pissed. He makes a grab for Maggie, who pulls out the taser she got from Glitzy and the guy goes down.

Rusty keeps an eye on the Greeks, while Ray has driven down the street to help Maggie, who doesn't need help and says so. He uses the opportunity to check out the man's car and finds that he's a private detective, probably the other team who was supposed to find the pirates.

The Greeks drive off and the kids follow. Ray aims a dye bomb at their windshield and Glitzy hacks the car, so now they have no way of steering. The cook starts throwing pots at Maggie from the rear door, but she manages to evade the missiles. Rusty asks Glitzy to patch him through to the pirates and tries to talk to them, to make them understand that the kids only want to help them and that they are in great danger.

After a short drive, Glitzy parks the van in an abandoned parking garage and Rusty tries to get the pirates to come out of the car. They are frightened and not really in the mood to trust him, but when Ray slaps his fake bomb on the side window, they burst out of the van. The woman runs directly into Rusty's arms and he overpowers her while Ray tackles the man.

They are Christos and Mira and after some discussion with Glitzy, they agree to call their group leader. A meeting is arranged and the kids take the captured pirates with them. They have to make an unscheduled stop because they completely forgot to pat their prisoners down for weapons. Not that the pirates carry anything much, but they do have pepper spray and a taser.

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