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Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Ninjas

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Glitzy chose the safehouse in Tacoma where the Scrappers had stayed while the Rat's Nest was occupied by the Picas to meet with the trideo pirates.
Maggie is left with the two prisoners in an old school bus, Christos and Mira have been bound with zipties. They start a discussion with Maggie about how much they can pay her if sge just lets them go. Unfortunately, that attracts the attention of two orks, Duke and his sister Terry, members of the Ragers. They threaten Maggie and attack when she called Duke a warthog. Maggie tases them both and puts some zipties on them as well.

Meanwhile, Ray and Rusty checked out the apartment where the meeting was to take place. It had been raided by the police earlier, as Rusty still vividly remembers, and they notice that the seal has been broken, although the tape is still in place. They ass the door and go up a flight of stairs. Between the noise of the passing monorail trains, they can hear someone leave the apartment.

Rusty goes downstairs to check it out and finds no-one there, but he does find three cameras. When he tells Glitzy, she says that's okay and that she'll be there in a minute. Rusty leaves and takes up his place on the fourth floor again. Ray goes downstairs to watch the street.

Glitzy arrives in disguise and goes up into the apartment. A minute later, two cars stop in front of the building. There are two trolls in the first one and a guy whose whole posture screams bodyguard in the second one. they check the street and one of the trolls tells Ray to beat it. Ray steps into the building - not what the troll meant, obviously.
When everything seems save, a female elf gets out of the car and is accompanied to the apartment by one of the trolls and the bodyguard.

Ray has climbed up all the way to the roof. From there, he spots a guy hunkered down behind one of the cars in the parking lot who is watching the apartment. Another private detective probably. He tells Glitzy about the guy and she doesn't seem worried (he's Michael Chase, a private detective she knows). Ray's next observation has her very worried indeed, though: a group of Kabuki Ronin come barrelling along the street, high as a kite and looking for trouble. They home in on the building.

Glitzy tells them all to get out of there and they run, up to the roof while she goes out of the window. The troll downstairs is the first casualty and looses his head. A part of the Ronin go upstairs, another part run around the building where they meet Glitzy, Chase and eventually Maggie, who freed Christos and Mira. Rusty, Ray and the Uwired people are on the roof. Rusty goes first down the rickety fire escape, planning to check if the coast is clear.

Which it isn't and he fires his Streetsweeper at one of the Ronins, putting him down and retreats up the fire escape to reload, wishing for a better weapon. One of the Ronin follows him, the rest get into a fight with Glitzy, Maggie and Chase and lose. Rusty and the bodyguard overpower the Ronin and hogtie him with zip ties.

The Ronin who went up the stairs are now on the roof and attack the second troll. Ray comes to the rescue and fights them with superglue and dye. After a couple of confusing seconds, dye-blinded Ronin have glues themselves to each other, to their weapons and to the roof. Doc Wagon and the police are on their way and so the Unwired people and the Kiddie gang split, but not before the Unwired pirates have agreed to stay silent for a while and the bodyguard has thanked the Kiddies for saving their lifes.

Everyone but Ray leaves as quickly as possible. He steals a katana and one of the bikes from the Ronin, hides it around a corner and then leaves as well, but not after some stunt driving to get rid of the police cruiser following him. Back at the Nest, Glitzy tells them that they did well. Ray sells her the katana - she buys it, but doesn't seem all too happy about it. The next morning, he goes and gets the bike and sells it to Monkeywrench, the Nest's main mechanic and chop shop owner.

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