Monday, January 28, 2013

Secret Window

I haven't had much to do for these last two weeks than lie in bed, read, spend time online and watch movies. I went through a lot of my comfort movies and Secret Window is definitely one of them. Whatever that says about me.
Anyway. It's one of the non-horror Stephen King movies and like most of those, it works very well. Johnny Depp is adorable in nearly constant bed hair and the fugliest bathrobe I have ever seen. And then he goes from adorable to slightly worrying to absolutely creepy. John Turturro is creepy right from the get-go and he makes a very believable stalker.

The movie has beautiful cinematography and a gorgeous, uninterrupted opening shot that seems to last forever. Watch that sequence carefully and it tells you everything about the movie. It gives away the ending, in a way. I doubt you'll get it the first time around. But once you have watched the movie, go back and watch the beginning again. It's all there.

Oh, and if you are looking for a slightly unsettling soundtrack for your next game night, listen to Philip Glass's score.

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