Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gameable Culture: The G-Force Tribe

Quinn over at Thought Crime Games has an interesting challenge: make up a culture in five sentences, just by telling us what people from that culture do. Not what they believe or what they value, just what they do. Then create three archetypes that may evolve from that culture, describe them just with a name. Add ten traits a member of that culture would use to describe themselves.

Since we had to create a Cerbora tribe for my Endland game anyway, I accept. The G-Force tribe in five sentences:

  • We don't show our women to outsiders.
  • We never stay in the same place long.
  • We use Human tech to make us stronger.
  • We don't kill weaker tribes, but we take what we want.
  • We listen to stories and search for the truth inside them.


  • The Rebel
  • The Motorcycle Warrior
  • The Storyteller

A member of the tribe should be:

  • clever
  • honest
  • modest
  • enduring
  • cautious
  • tenacious
  • honourable
  • inquisitive
  • resourceful
  • outspoken

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