Monday, February 4, 2013

Graphic Novel Challenge: Dieu en personne

Dieu en personne (God in person/himself) by Marc-Antoine Mathieu is not exactly an easy read. God decides to appear on earth, not for the Apocalypse or give some more commandments, he just is there one day. First, he is considered insane, but after a few incidents that can only be explained if he really is God, the world starts to believe. God becomes a media phenomenon, everyone wants to see him, everyone talks about him. He gets made into a brand label, his books outsell anything else written, he is THE talkshow guest ... and he is put on trial for anything people have ever felt that is wrong with their world.

I liked the idea of the comic and the way the story is told. Tongue in cheek, but very serious in the end. If you like that kind of mindgames and metaphysics, then it's a book worth reading.

Dieu en personne by Marc Antione Mathieu

The only thing that bugged me was the artwork...and that's a fairly huge problem when you're reading a comic. I just didn't like it, although I've read comics by Mathieu before and liked his style well enough. But here, the characters, for me, come across as just too unlikeable ... which may be a deliberate choice by Mathieu, though. But it really cut into my enjoyment of the comic.

Oh, and I really wish he hadn't used that old "we only use 10% of our brain"-crap.

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