Friday, February 1, 2013

Graphic Novel Challenge: Kraa

Kraa - The Lost Valley by Benoit Sokal is the story of Yuma, a young Native American boy who befriends a young eagle (who calls himself Kraa). The valley they live in is threatened by settlers who want to dam the river that flows through the valley and flood it. When the family of Yuma refuses to move, they are killed by the settlers. Yuma tries to revenge his family and Kraa, for his very own reasons, comes to his aid.

Make no mistake, this is no soppy "child befriends animal"-story. It's a brutal world and Sokal does a good job of keeping the eagle as animal-like as possible. It doesn't really understand Yuma and tries to make sense of what he does from the view of an animal. It does consider him the reincarnation of its brother whom it pushed out of the nest, as eagles do.

Benoit Sokal: Kraa

The art is gorgeous. If it looks familiar: Sokal created the PC games Syberia and Amerzone. This is the first of two novels and I need to pre-order the second part from the library...I really want to know how this ends. I'm not at all sure it will be a happy ending, the way the story goes.

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