Thursday, March 14, 2013

7th Sea: Garden Party

Dear Isabel,

I remember that inn and I think we can arrange for an escort from there. I wish you hadn't told Alba - judging from her letter, she's too excited to get any sleep until you are finally leaving. Not that I feel much different.

The garden party in honour of the Jubilee of Queen Elaine was last night and gave us all a first taste of the parties at the Labyrinth. It was a lavish affair, lasting from midday until late into the night.

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Logan got drafted into a competition in the honour of the Queen and fought in three trials against a Vendel who had, rather embarrassingly easy, defeated the Avalon champion last year. Looking at the man, I wasn't surprised. There's more than a bit of the Vesten in him. Nonetheless, we wagered some money on Logan's victory. He did win the tug of war, but lost the caber toss - no surprise there. The fistfight was again more suited to his talents and after a couple of bloody rounds, the Vendel forfeited the fight while he still could.

We were not the only people to bet on the competition and huge sums were won and lost. Not least by the Vodacce delegation who had actually betted trade rights with the Vendel. If I had to guess, I'd say that the Vendel lost a five-figure sum in that bet and they are not happy about it. It puts Logan in the Vodacce's good book and he intends to use that fact.

I spent a good deal of time with Raphael Nunez. I did wonder if the man only acted stupid, but no-one is that good an actor. And his master or rather mistress does not seem too happy with his ridiculous behaviour. Still, I cannot help but think that he is employed for a purpose. A conjuring trick maybe. Everyone looks at the idiot and no-one at the real spy. But if it is a trick, I have not discovered the truth so far.

However, I did deliver the information Javier gave me to Raphael and he was more than delighted to hear about them. I met Javier not much later and I have hopes that I will be introduced to his mistress, Donna de la Noche.

Ramon, as usual, attracted much attention from the young women present at the party and received an invitation in form of a dropped handkerchief from the daughter of the ambassador of the occupied part of Castille, Esmeralda Constanza de Montoya de Ochoa. The handkerchief contained a small stone with a sort of code engraved into it, a map to a certain room in the (occupied) Castille part of the Labyrinth. I do wonder what her motives are, she has to know that Ramon is loyal to Castille. And I have to admit, I do wonder about Ramon. He's going a bit far for a man with a fiancée, I think. But it is not my place to lecture him about it.

In any case, I spent the rest of the party in Logan's company, drinking and talking. We both mistrust the ambassador's daughter and Logan asked me to find out more about her. It seems that my talents to come in handy even for him at times. I just wish that I had not tried to keep up with Logan's drinking. And I wish that the others will sleep a bit longer so that I can suffer in silence. Please stop laughing at me - I know you do. You always did.

I think I will go back to bed. I will post this letter later, when I can stand the thought of going outside.



So we are all playing our games at the Labyrinth, one way or the other. One thing I really like about this part of the campaign is that there is quite a lot of personal conflict between the characters. We are most definitely not one happy family. But we all know each other long enough to be able to solve those problems...I hope.

Marcello disapproves of Ramon's little adventure. Ramon is very much a ladies' man or at least he gets a lot of attention from women without even trying. But so far he never did much more than flirt a bit. Accepting the invitation of the ambassador's daughter - that's something else, as far as Marcello is concerned. He's not above a flirt if it serves his purpose himself, but for him, that's as far as he would go. And I'm not sure he will be able to keep his opinion to himself.

The campaign is now on Obsidian Portal, so you can look up characters and stuff there. Things may get confusing, at the latest when we arrive in Charouse.

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