Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Endland: Mines and Pilgrims

Here's what happened during the session and here's Nvidia's view of the whole thing.

I really liked how the Expedition worked out. I had it planned as something between a cult and an expedition like many others in Endland, just on a much bigger scale. The PCs were suitably impressed by the whole thing, but especially by the movie they saw. One of the players actually recognised Blade Runner from my description. At first I wanted the movie to be Metropolis, but Blade Runner has much longer scenes of its city. And it looks great even to us, who are used to all kinds of CGI, so imagine how it would look to someone who has never seen a movie.

Nvidia is freaking about about being pregnant. click unless you're one of my players

This is something that we didn't chose. Characters in Endland will eventually mutate, especially when they spend enough time in the desert or near Human ruins. Since Nvidia did just that for her whole life, I had her start the game with two mutations. One is obvious (her chest is much wider than it should be), but the other one was that she's sterile. I decided to make it into a story, so far it really pays off, with great roleplay and a couple of hooks for more stories.

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