Thursday, April 18, 2013

Endland: Among the Ruins

Eldur and Nvidia discover the ruins of a - read the session recap on Obsidian Portal

Time to get seriously postapocalyptic. I planned to let them find some kind of bunker, but then I came across a blueprint for the Chernobyl power plant and the thought of letting them blunder into that was too inviting to resist. I found a ton of photos that show how nuclear power plants look on the inside, was by far the most extensive and useful.

The beautiful glow of Cherenkov radiation gave away where exactly they are, at least for the players (who started to have a bad feeling in the control room already). The quiet groans of 'oh no' were very satisfying. The characters were not likely to jump into the water, but I mentioned the bodies to make sure...instant character death by radiation is not very cool. Although they would have needed to dive to the bottom for that.

For the journey, I relied heavily on hikes I took at Capitol Reef and Valley of Fire NP for inspiration. The photos in the session log are from those hikes. The whole landscape of Endland has been inspired by Utah and Nevada so far anyway. I love the weird mountain formations and the arid landscape.

And I heroically withstood the temptation to make Monty Python jokes in the scene with the Ikarim. 'What is your favourite colour?' 'Blue - no, yellow! Aaaaargh...'

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