Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Maiden

Paschendale by Iron Maiden (the video is taken from All Quiet on the Western Front)

I'm doing a bit of research on famous battles of WWI and the moment and of course Iron Maiden have written a song about it. And quote William Blake in the lyrics.

I can't remember what the first Maiden song was that I heard, but I do know that they had me at "Rime of the Ancient Mariner". At 15, I had finally started to really understand English - something clicked and I basically went from 'what is this strange sound you want me to produce' to reading Shakespeare over the course of one year. I read all kinds of poetry, from Blake to Coleridge to Donne. The only problem was that I basically had no-one to talk to about it. It doesn't do much for you at fifteen when you can quote William Blake by heart.

And here was this badass metal band who actually wrote songs about this stuff. Looking at my Iron Maiden collection, I can trace a lot of my interests back to a single song. I could quote the opening of The Prisoner long before I ever saw the series. I only watched The Duellists because of the song and via Harvey Keitel got into Martin Scorsese's movies. Let's not even start with all the allusions hidden in the cover artwork of Somewhere in Time. Iron Maiden did a lot more for my interest in history and literature that all my teachers put together (and I did have some great teachers...).

Iron Maiden are hands down the band who influenced me most, they still do, and they are the one band I never stopped listening to.

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