Monday, July 22, 2013

Graphic Novel Challenge: Gilbert & Sullivan

The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan by Laura Howell

I came across this comic on Tumblr and it pushed all my buttons: Victorian Age, Gilbert & Sullivan and what promised to be some really weird stories. And it held all its promises. I am not going to tell you where the sudden infatuation of G&S with Oscar Wilde comes from


or why they have to fight sea creatures that would make even H.P. Lovecraft tremble with terror - I see your Dagon and raise you a Cockney Anemone!

You will have to spend the outrageous sum of 1GBP and find out for yourself. You'll get adorable chibi Gilbert and Sullivan starring in four whimsical stories, defending the Empire against all manner of threats!

11th book for the Graphic Novel Challenge
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