Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sculpey Elder Sign

So the always entertaining Propnomicon blog linked to a how to-guide for making polymer moulds and coins the other day.

I had just bought some Sculpey and decided to try my hand at some Elder Sign coins that crop up again and again in our Cthulhu games, as tokens our characters get from the Society of Leopold or just as protection against evil things. I often look at those DIY stuff and then I'm discouraged by the amount of tools you need to make it, but this is pretty basic.


Here the original coin I made. It took about ten versions until I had figured out how to draw both the Elder Sign and the L, I kept messing up one or the other. Practising with a pen on a piece of paper helped. I used a needle with a round head to draw in the clay, that worked pretty well.

the mould

from left to right: the first coin I made with the mould - the lines are not really deep enough to be clearly seen, even after I painted the coin with Perfect Pearls pewter powder. One coin of the second batch, unpainted. Here, I worked the Elder Sign over with the needle after casting the coin, that did the trick. And another coin from the second batch, painted with pewter powder.

the coins after varnishing them - that made the coat of pewter powder appear much darker, with was the effect I was after. I didn't want the coins to be all that shiny.

pewter powder compared to copper - I don't like the copper tone for this, though

mind the temperature when you bake the Sculpey or it will turn into a Shoggoth

So that was a fun little project to make my first steps in working with Sculpey. I learned a lot about handling the stuff, what not to do, what works and what doesn't. I think I spent about 15 Euros on the materials and of course I have plenty left over. The coins are a bit wonky, but I'm fine with that, I didn't want them to look perfect (if you want that, I recommend buying the round cutters you see in the original tutorial).

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